What Are the Consequences of Industry’s Over Dependence on Energy?

Human beings exercise complete authority over nature. Man’s arrogance towards nature can only lead to disaster. The resources upon which modern industry depends are the product of past geology ages. The resources like soil, food supply and theindustrial raw materials are not inexhaustible. The processes by which the resources and raw materials are formed are processes of synthesis. The processes on modern industry do the reverse. They use complex raw materials and simplify it. This process is not reversible by scientific methods. In all such processes, there is waste. All sources of energy upon which industry depends are wasted when they are employed. Every day, many square miles of forest are turned into newspaper, but there is no process by which newspaper can be turned into forest or a coal used to run a train be turned back into coal. The author says that modern industry is a kind of rape. It depends upon irreversible process. Modern industry greatly depends on energy, which, once used is wasted forever as it is irretrievable. It all uses up the earth’s capital and is a spendthrift.

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