What are the causes of Child Labour?

Child Labour means children who are employed as a worker or labour which their age does not permit to do so. They are exploited and not paid any compensation (money). In this process they may be receiving harm by mental, moral and educational loss.

Causes of Child Labour are:

1. Poverty

The parents are poor that they can not feed themselves and children too. Therefore, they send children for work instead to school. Then these children work in hotels, restaurants, garages, agriculture, factories, mines etc and give economical support to their families.

2. No Formal Education

Since the children are not getting formal education or some may drop up from school had to work instead just eating food at home. Sometimes due to not having money to spend on education they have to leave the school education and hence engage in child labour.

3. Misbelief of Parents

Most of the parents believe that children also should be able to perfect some skills which will help them into future along with formal education. But skills also could be developed after completing education and at perfect age.

4. Environmental Influence

The children from the villages always found to be engaged into agricultural and subsidiary activities. Mostly in rural areas and in fishing villages the child labour is found as like in Industrial zones.

5. No Strict Implementation of Child Labour Laws

The govt. does not strictly implement the laws against child labour. Due to corruption all over the children are found working with many companies and no strict punishment are resorted to the employers of children.

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