What are the advantages of Written Communication?

Written communication has been proved to be a boon to regulate the daily operations of an organisation. This communication may include memos, letters, documents, and feedback results etc. The reliability proffered by written communication is indeed remarkable and phenomenal. The major advantages of written communication are listed below:

1. A Permanent Record

A written communication helps to maintain a permanent record of the information exchanged or shared.

2. Meticulous Presentation

As a written document is a permanent record, people are very cautious to fulfil all the writing requisites to make the writing perceivable at the other end. Thus, every document curated covers all major information pointers necessary to be communicated.

3. Easy Circulation

A written document can easily be circulated in an organisation, unlike the oral communication medium. Thus, this attribute of written communication comes handy in equipping the masses with the necessary information.

4. Suitable for Statistical Data

Statistical charts and figures are difficult to be interpreted verbally, thus, circulating a document allow people to examine such intrinsic detail with ease.

5. Promotes Goodwill

When conducting business, a well-crafted written document speaks volumes about the competence of a particular organisation. Therefore, written communication helps to promote goodwill if performed wisely.

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