What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multipurpose River Project.

Advantages of Multipurpose River Project

  • These are the main source of power generation.
  • They provide us neat, pollution free and cheapest energy which is the backbone of industry and agriculture.
  • These projects control the floods because water can be stored in them. These projects have converted many, ‘rivers of sorrows’ into ‘rivers of boon’.
  • These projects are the main source of irrigation and also help in conserving soil.

Disadvantages of Multipurpose River Project

  • Due to the construction of dams, there are no adequate floods in the river. Because of this, the soil of the downstream region does not get nutrient rich silt.
  • Dams also fragment rivers making it difficult for aquatic fauna to migrate for spawning, i.e., to produce eggs.
  • It resulted in displacement of local communities. The local people often have to give up their land and livelihood and their meagre access and control over resources for the greater need of the nation.

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