What are the advantages and disadvantages of Free-rein or Laissez-fair Leadership

Free-rein leadership involves complete delegation of authority so that subordinates themselves take decisions. The free rein leader avoids power and relinquishes the leadership position. He serves only as a contact to bring the information and resources needed by the subordinates.

Advantages of Free-rein or Laissez-fair Leadership

  1. Positive effect on job satisfaction and morale of subordinates.
  2. Maximum possible scope for development of subordinates,
  3. Full utilization of the potential of subordinates.

Disadvantages Free-rein or Laissez-fair Leadership

  1. Subordinates do not get the guidance and support of the leader.
  2. It ignores the leaders contribution just as autocratic style ignores the contribution of the subordinates.
  3. Subordinates may move in different directions and may work at cross purposes which may degenerate into chaos.

Free rein style may be appropriate when the subordinates are well trained, highly knowledgeable, self motivated and ready to assume responsibility.

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