What are the advantages and disadvantages of External Sources of Recruitment?

Normally recruitment from external sources would be done when either the existing employees are inadequate to occupy the vacant positions or they are not properly qualified and skilled enough to occupy the positions, or they are unfit (either by virtue of their age or specialisation).

Advantages of External Sources of Recruitment:

  • Organisations can choose from wider spectrum under the external source of recruitment. The number of applicants would be very large and the organisation can choose the better candidates carefully after weighing the pros and cons of all the candidates.
  • Organisations can avoid bias to some personnel by following the external sources of recruitment objectively. Here, there is no scope for subjective judgment and selection of the candidates.

Disadvantages of External Sources of Recruitment:

  • Personnel chosen from external sources may cause dissatisfaction among the existing employees. It would be demoralizing to the existing employees when they come to know that organisations are considering the outsiders for filling up the top positions.
  • External sources of recruitment is quite costly to the enterprise. Firms have to spend heavily on advertisements and sometimes the response from the potential candidates may be dismal and disappointing. It is customary to pay (to and fro) the expenses of the candidates for attending interviews and a substantial part of it is a mere waste of resources.

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