What are perspectives in Communication?

Perspective focuses on the way in which our shared meanings and practices are constituted through language and symbol, the construction of messages, and their dissemination through media, organizations, and society.

We all come to each communication exchange with our own ‘filter’ through which we see the world, the person we are communicating with, and the situation or topic we are communicating about. These filters mean that we don’t always start with the same perspective as the person we are communicating with shall differ each time.

  1. Visual perception: Visual perception is the ability to see and interpret (analyse and give meaning to) the visual information that surrounds us.
  2. Language -The different perspectives we experience can be with language as well.
  3. Past Experiences
  4. Prejudices: Prejudices occur when we take an isolated experience with one ‘type’ of person and then act as if all encounters in the future with people of the same ‘type’ or with the same characteristics will result in the same experience
  5. Feelings: There are actually two ways in which your feelings can influence your communication with another person. The first simply refers to the way that you feel on a given day; if you feel well, you’ll communicate in one way and if you feel ill you’ll communicate in another way. The second aspect related to feelings refers to how you feel about a specific person
  6. Environment: The last area of influence on communication is your environment. All of us communicate differently in different environments.. Do you speak to our teachers the same way that you do to your friends? Do you talk to strangers with more or less formality than people you know well?

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