What are Human Rights?

Human rights are basic entitlements bestowed upon each and every human being by virtue of birth. The underlying idea of such rights is to ensure that all men, women and children are treated with respect and dignity.

For example, it is our birthright that all of us should be given equal treatment and should not be discriminated against on any account due to differences of religion, caste, class, colour, gender or anything else either by the State or the community or for that matter, the family. This is because each person is special with their own individual talents and abilities and none are inferior or superior to the other.

Likewise, it is our birthright to have access to opportunities, whereby we can develop to our fullest potential and achieve all that we aspire for. These rights include the right to life, freedom and justice. These rights guarantee our dignity as human beings. It is precisely for these reasons that human rights are sometimes called ‘natural rights’.

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