What are Genetically Modified Crops?

Genetically Modified crops (GM crops) are those crops whose DNA is extended from a living thing and placed in different crops by using genetic engineering techniques. The main aim is to create a food that can sustain even under harmful conditions like use of chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. Some crops are modified to protect themselves from insects. Through the process the crops with desirable qualities are obtained. It also helps the food to stay fresh for a long time.

Some of the genetically modified crops include, rice, potatoes, sprouts, sweet corn, tomatoes, soybean, poultry, wheat, juices, rapeseed plants, sugarcane, beet, cotton, canola oil chocolates, frozen food etc. certain meals like frozen pizza, canned food, baby foods, breads, soya, cotton seed oil, soya oil, soya milk, energy bars etc.

Genetic modification involves the insertion of genes. In this process genes are artificially transferred between organisms that could be conventionally bred.the DNA from one organism is modified in a laboratory and then inserted into another gene of a crop. This process is called as Trans genesis. Introducing new genes into plants requires a promoter specific to the area where the gene is to be expressed. For instance, if we want the gene to express only rice grains and not in leaves, then an endosperm- specific promoter would be used. The transgenic gene products should also be able to be denatured by heat so that they are destroyed during cooking

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