What are the ways to prevent drug addiction?

Following are some of the ways to prevent drug addiction:

1. Educating the Masses

The general public should be made aware about the causes and evil effects of the drug addiction. They also should be made aware about the preventive and curative measures and magnitude of the fatal diseases which occur due to drugs.

2. Organising Youth Centres

The main target group of the drug pusher is youth. The young boys and girls, teenagers are more prone to the novel addictions like drugs. Therefore, there should youth centres organised and these groups should be enlightened about the danger of this drug addiction.

3. Organise Constructive Programmes

The institutions like schools, colleges, universities and NGOs must conduct seminars, poster exhibitions, workshops, documentary films etc. They should visit to rehabilitation centres, hospitals etc. where they have to highlight the awareness about drug abuse, its evil consequences on body, mind, family, society and the nation at large.

4. Safeguarding Educational Institutions

The schools, colleges and university should prohibit the selling of drugs like substances near the premises. The particular committee to be appointed to keep vigilance on certain activities and arrange conselling sessions in schools, colleges & universities.

5. Stringent Action Against ‘Drug Pushers’

The government should initiate stringent action against drug pushers (smugglers) such as imprisonment and death sentence because they are destroying the lives of lakhs of young lives. The countries like U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia have provided death penalty to drug pushers. The NGOs also expose the smugglers at drug substances and get them arrested.

6. Installation of X-ray Machines on Airports

The X-ray can detect the material carried inside bags and containers. The people have got novel ways to smuggle the costly items through stomach etc. Installing X-ray machines can expose the smuggling of drug at airports.

7. Joint Projects and Programmes to Combat Drug Addiction

The Government can sign joint projects with NGOs and some institutions to combat with drug addictions and the smuggling of chemical substances.

8. War Against Narcotics

On Feb. 24, 1990, UN declared an open war against production, sale, smuggling and use of narcotics with financial and human resources. It also declared the decade 1990 – 2000 as a decade against ‘drug pushers’. They also organise many international programmes to intensity war against narcotics.

9. Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Agreements and Treaties

The govt. can sign pacts, agreements and treaties bilaterally, regionally and with many countries of the World to fight against the narcotics. The various member countries of UN and the treaties and international organisations can share their constructive projects and programmes to fight and control the Narcotics.

10. Observe International Day against Drug Abuse

June 26 is a day against Drug Abuse. Every country must observe this day, create awareness among global public by exhibitions, seminars, international conferences, workshops etc. Interpol must hand over the drug pushers to the countries which wanted them.

11. Watching Early Signs on Body and Mind

The addict himself should watch the early symptoms and signs on account of drug intake on the body and observe the changed behaviour. The family members and well wishers too should watch them as soon as possible get him rid of this addiction. If it is too late then conditions (physiological & mental) can become serious.

12. Role of Mass Media

The print and electronic media can write various articles, organise discussions, debates, counselling etc. and broadcast them through T.V., Radio and Cultural programmes of awareness. Even internet can spread the messages against the drug addiction.

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