What are the ways to get clients for an advertising agency?

Due to the competition the agencies have to constantly search for new clients and satisfy the existing clients to retain them with the ad agency. Some of the ways of getting clients are:

1. Advertisement

An advertising agency can advertise in newspapers seeking clients for their business. New advertising agencies working at a local level can select a local medium to attract small and medium scale entrepreneurs to give their account to the advertised agency.

2. Referrals

This is one of the most popular routes through which an agency gets new clients. If the existing clients are satisfied with the work of the advertising agency, they are likely to recommend the agency’s name to new clients.

3. Presentations

The executives of the agency depute personnel to make presentations in front of the executives of the companies. This presentation may take into account the products, the marketing and the advertising plans of the companies. These presentations give the companies an insight into the creative potential of the people of the agency.

4. Member of Associations

Advertising agency can become a member of various associations like IMC, MACCIA, AAAI, etc. Such membership give them a chance to interact with the members of various business associations which is likely to fetch them business in the long run.

5. Solicitations

The agency may search new clients by writing letters. It may directly approach the client and may give a better offer than the one given by the existing agency. It could either be in the form of better services or better agency compensation. The agency may even make calls to attract new clients.

6. Image and Reputation

Reputation of the agency attracts new clients. An image can be built by undertaking excellent advertising work of reputed clients and by winning awards. Many advertising agencies participate in advertising festivals or competition to win awards & to gain popularity. Further media coverage helps and agency to get publicity.

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