What are the ways to create awareness about HIV AIDS?

One can suggest lots of measures with novel ideas to prevent HIV by creating awareness among the victims and the general public as follows:

1. Propogation by Slogans

To create awareness one can have novel slogans like ‘safe sex, life safe’, ‘Learn, Listen, Live’ etc and propogate them among the masses and particularly high risk groups.

2. Display of Posters

The posters on AIDS education to be displayed at bus stands, railway stations, cinema halls, shopping malls, schools, colleges, universities, reception halls at hotels and restaurants, resorts, club houses and gymkhanas etc.

3. Awareness of Women

AIDS prevention programmes and activities to be conducted particularly pertaining to women because they are more vulnerable to it.

4. Organise Exhibitions

Various workshops, seminars, discussions, exhibitions must be organised in different parts of the country based on AIDS.

5. Mass Media

Radio, T.V., News Channels, Internet can broadcast awareness, counselling session to combat AIDS regularly.

6. Awareness by Shows

Educational films and slide shows based on AIDS be presented to the vulnerable groups.

7. Advertisements

The various advertisements and hoardings to
be displayed at the public places.

8. Distribution of Source Material

The pamphlets, booklets and other source material containing information on AIDS must be distributed among public freely.

9. Street Plays

Students of schools, colleges, universities can present a street plays regarding awareness on HIV / AIDS.

10. Observe the AIDS Prevention Day

December 1st should be observed as a ‘AIDS Prevention Day’ at national level with messages of awareness.

11. Pre-Marital HIV Test

Before marriage the pre-marital HIV Test to be conducted on both bride and groom compulsorily. e.g. Karnataka village in Bagalkot conduct compulsory pre-material HIV tests.

12. Install Condom Vending Machines

These machines must be installed on the places where sexual activities are taken place in very large proportion.

13. Mobile Clinics

These clinics must be run through urban centres and rural areas time to time.

14. Legalise Prostitution

With due care for HIV / AIDS transmission the prostitution should be legalized because even restrictions and frequent raids it does not stop.

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