Was Anne an intelligent girl? Support your answer by giving instances?

Anne was indeed a very intelligent girl. She was a thirteen years old school going girl, but her diary shows that she was mature enough for her age. Anne was a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during World War II to avoid the Nazis. Nobody ever thought of writing an account of how Hitler tortured Jews. But Anne Frank did so. On her thirteenth birthday, her father gifted her a diary, in which chronicles of the events of her life were written. She decided to write a diary because she felt that paper was more patient than people. Only an intelligent girl could think so wisely and deeply. In school in her Maths period, she proved her necessity of talking. She defended her habit as hereditary. By writing a poem of a mother duck and a father Swan in a humorous form, she very wisely turned punishment into a joke. Even Mr. Keesing, her Maths teacher, took the joke in the right way and read the poem to the class, after that he was often seen making jokes in the class. Only an intelligent girl like Anne could do that.

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