‘Wanda Petronski’ liked Maddie and Peggy very much. Give reasons for your answer.

Wanda wrote a letter to Miss Mason on the occasion of Christmas. She suggested that Peggy should have the drawing of the green dress with red trimmings. For Maddie, she offered the blue dress. Maddie was missing Wanda very much. There were tears in her eyes. She felt sad to think that she would never see Wanda again. She felt that Wanda had been nice to her. She gazed at her drawing for a long time. Suddenly, she noticed the face and head in the drawing. It looked like her own head and face. She was excited to find that Wanda had made that drawing specially for her. She ran to Peggy and told her that Wanda had drawn the drawing for her. There was Peggy’s face in her drawing. Peggy too was happy to see that the face in the drawing looked like her. They realized that Wanda really liked them. There were tears in Maddie’s eyes. So, she knew that Wanda liked them and had forgiven them.

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