What are the main uses of Computers?

You may aware that computers are very productive, efficient and can do anything imaginable. Some of the principle applications of the computer systems are as follows

1. Business

Businessmen use computer in the presentation, analysis, calculation and making charts for their business. They also provide online service to their customers using e-commerce, m-commerce. You or your family member must have used online shopping website for purchasing any products. Usage of the computer has reduced the cost of man power and its delivery in an efficient way.

2. Buildings

In the construction of building, Architects use computer to virtually visualize the complete building. It is performed through different multimedia software. Computer provides accurate structure of buildings with all measurements. It helps in reducing cost of changes and it provides satisfcation to the customer.

3. Education

Now-a-days, you can see computer has become an inevitable part in spheres of life. Students use computer for preparing or completing assignments and submit it through online. There are so many online contents study materials which can be viewed by using internet.

4. Retailing

Most of the retailers product are based on barcode. That’s the reason they need computers to read barcode and calculate amount on it. This system helps retailers to sum up so many items within seconds.

5. Energy

In the energy sectors, companies use computers to calculate items and figure out the place of natural resources. Computers also help in finding the correct geographical location of company’s delivery places, vehicles information and communicating with customers.

6. Transportation

Companies are using computers in the vehicles to provide more services to the consumers. Consumers can easily determine the fuel level, AC system, temperature with the help of this system. Some vehicles do not require driver to reach at destination on predetermined path in some countries.

7. Agriculture

Farmers can check the requirements of their crops on computers. They use it for billing, checking market value of crop, cost of fields and stock value of agricultural firm. Computers help in prediction of weather conditions and estimation of agricultural production also.

8. Weather

High Performance Computers (HPC) are also used for executing the weather models ( Programs), analyzing weather conditions based on the data collected from various sources like satellite/ GTS/ Internet data and forecasting weather conditions in advance (3 days advance, weekly advance and even monthly advance) like (i) Rainfall prediction, (ii) Temperature prediction, (iii) Wind speed prediction, (iv) Snowfall prediction etc.

9. Government

Indian government is implementing E-Governance project in each department. This project can be implemented using Computer only and all information will be available online for citizens. Government employee use it for delivering good and transparent services to citizens. Data entry operations, billing, calculation, presentation are also performed through computers in organization.

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