What is a URL?

URL’s, or ‘uniform resource locators’, are the web browser addresses of internet pages and files. It is the way to locate a file or document on the Internet. The URL specifies the address of a file and every file on the Internet has a unique address. It works with IP addresses to give a name, location to web pages. Web software, such as your browser, use the URL to retrieve a file from the computer on which it resides.


Protocol://site address/path/filename

Every URL has three parts to address a page or file:

  1. Protocol which ends with a ‘//:’
  2. Host computer which ends with web extensions such as .com,.org etc.
  3. Filename or page name which displays the related information.



The above URL consist of:

  • Protocol: http
  • Host computer name: www
  • Domain name: abcbank
  • Domain type: com
  • Path: /login
  • File name: password.html

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