What are the types of endorsers in advertising?

Endorser refers to a person who endorses the product/service. They provide information about the advertised product and influence the buying decision of target audience by showing superiority of the product / services.

1. Celebrity Endorser

Celebrities are the ones who are first identified. Celebrities can be athletes, actors, comedians, and entertainers. Celebrities are known faces to the public. Celebrity endorsers are chosen for their ability to provide reference and persuade people to buy the product. Eg. Lux soap ad by Hema Malini to Alia Bhatt. Reebok ad by M.S. Dhoni, etc.

2. Ordinary People

Now-a-day there is an increase in the use of ordinary people. Because of the negative effects that often arise from the use of celebrity due to their controversies. Eg. Dove soap ad and Vim Dishwash Bar make use of ordinary people sharing their experience after use of product.

3. Loyal Customers

Loyal customers who uses product of company can be used in the advertisement to share their experience with audience. Eg. Advertisement of Colgate where a mother says ‘I use only Colgate for my family’

4. Expert Endorser

Positive reviews from experts can provide support for sales of a product. Experts provide a rationale to consumers about using the product. For example, in the ad of ‘Pure-It’ – a water purifier, a doctor advices to purchase it.

5. The CEO or Company President

The president of the company is a fairly rare type of advertising, since it rarely appears publicly. CEO use of the company can produce better if the CEO is also a public figure. The use of CEOs in an advertisement such as that done by Microsoft with Bill Gates and Apple by featuring Steve Jobs as the star of his product ad.

6. Animated or Cartoon Character

Popular cartoon character is selected to promote brand specially to attract children. Also some animated characters are developed to promote the product. Eg. Vodafone had created animated character – Zoo- Zoo, which was very popular and remembered by public.

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