What are the different types of drugs?

A drug is a chemical substance, that affects physiological or bodily functions, mood, consciousness or perception, behavior and which, if misused or abused, may prove to be detrimental to the individual and to the community at large.

1. Narcotics

This drug type produced from “opium poppy seeds”, this group includes: opium, heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone, and meperidine. All these drugs act as depressants upon the central nervous system.

2. Heroin

This kind of drugs obtained from “morphine” by a simple chemical process. The informally this can be known as horse, smack, shit, junk, or Mexican Mud etc. It can be inhaled, smoked or injected. The user experience “rush” or “flash”.

3. Barbiturates

Informally known as barbs, reds, yellow jackets, and goofballs etc. it can be either swallowed or injected. All these drugs act as depressants upon the central nervous system.

4. Tranquillizers

It is in form of capsules and tablets. They are prescribed by the Psychiatrists and Psychologists themselves. They help to reduce mental tension and is effective for people suffering from insomnia.

5. Amphetamines

It affects on central nervous system. Informally known as speed, bennies, defies, and, uppers etc.

6. Cocaine

Cocaine, also known as coke, snow, flak, is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. It produces a strong psychological affect on individual.

7. Marijuana

It either smoke or swallowed. Other types of it are bhang, ganja, marijuana tobacco, hashish, and hashish oil. Locally known as grass, pot, Acapulco gold, Mary Jones, weed, harsh, and harsh oil.

8. Hallucinogens

They are also known as acid, big D, mesc, button, and peace pills etc. One of it s powerful form is LSD.

9. LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)

LSD is found in three forms- tablet, powder, liquid. Once the LSD is kept on the tongue it leads to convulsions and the person gets a different kind of experience that they are in a different world and the person looses his mental balance. Many times people commit suicide under the influence of LSD.

10. Brown Sugar

It is an impure form of Heroin which is popularly know as ‘Gard’. The fashionable and High Class teenagers call it as ‘Smock’. It is taken by ‘Chasing’ or in the form of a cigarette. Chasing means inhaling by creating a smoke.

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