What are different types of digital media advertising?

Online is the fastest growing medium in today’s era. It is a powerful tool to use for advertising and promotions. The advertisers have understood the importance of the digital medium and they are increasing their advertising budget for digital media.

Various forms of digital media advertising are as follows:

1. Direct Mail

It is a common form of advertising and is done through pamphlets and brochures, which is considered as junk by the recipients. This is the most personalized form of advertising and reaches through postal mail. It is very cost effective mode of advertising and helpful to provide complete information to the target audience on a piece of paper. Direct mail is mostly distributed at the event or form home to home.

2. Mobile Advertising

It is a subset of mobile marketing. It has emerged as an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign today. It has become an important engagement tool for brands, and aims to fulfill the gap that traditional media has been unable to bridge. With the increasing popularity of mobile internet, this form of marketing is soon poised to achieve a significant reach.

3. SMS Advertising

Advertiser establishes direct relationship through mobile phones with customers opting to their programmes. SMS advertising is not very exciting, and the potential is limited. Not to mention, that consumers who participate often will not have any special affinity for the marketer.

4. WAP Banner Ads

A banner advertisement in WAP sites is known as WAP banner ads, which are in JPEG or GIF format. Usually they are of two types clickable banners and non clickable banners. Clickable banners take the viewer to the another WAP page after clicking on it so that other details of the product are shown.

5. Location Based Advertising

It works on location tracking technology in mobile networks, to target consumers on location specific advertising. Mobile advertising companies send customers offers on their phones when they are near the store of a particular brand. The privileges, royalties and innovative services of location based mobile phone services attract many customers.

6. Video Ads on Cell Phones

Interactive video adverts are coming on iPhone through mobile platform. Text messages were sent to consumers asking them to download the new commercial on their mobile phones. This was the first time that mobile phones were used as a vehicle to view, download, share and comment.

7. Mobile Coupons

We all are aware of paper coupons, now it is time for online coupons. People carry their phones and their mobile coupons along and this is the advertising space that holds considerable promise.

8. Interstitial Ads

They are ads that pop ups on the screen while the computer downloads a website that the user has clicked on. There are now many types of interstitials including popup windows, splash screens, superstitials etc.

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