What are the different types of buying motives?

Behind every purchase there is a buying motive. It refers to the thoughts, feelings, emotions and instincts, which arouse in the buyers a desire to purchase a product. In other words, buying motive refers to reason why the customer purchases the product. Eg. When person is hungry he buys food grains or for shelter he buys house or for his habits and hobbies he buys certain things. It means hunger, shelter, habits and hobbies are buying motives.

Knowledge of buying motives of customers is important producers and suppliers to know. After analyzing and evaluating buying motives, the advertiser can develop creative advertisement.

According to Prof. D. J. Duncan, “Buying motives are those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action and determine choice in the purchase of goods and services.”

Types of Buying Motives:

1. Security and Protection

Desire for safety or security is an important buying motive influencing many purchases. For instance, safety lockers are bought by the people because they want to safeguard their cash, jewelry etc., against theft. Likewise, people buy life insurance policy for safety of their lives or they buy medicines against protection from diseases.

2. Comfort and Convenience

Desire for comfortable and convenient living is also a buying motive. Many products are bought for the comfort and convenience purpose. Eg. Office goers purchase two-wheeler because it provides more comfort on the roads of Mumbai where too much of traffic is found in peak hours. We buy air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine etc. at home for comfortable life to live.

3. Social Pride and Prestige

Many buyers are proud of possessing some products which increases their social prestige or status in the society. Eg. Purchase of diamond, luxurious car and other expensive things.

4. Love and Affection

Love and affection for others is one of the stronger buying motives influencing the purchasing decisions of the buyers. Eg. Husband may buy some electronic appliance for his wife. A brother may buy gift for his sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

5. Sex Appeal

Buyers buy certain products, as they want to attract his/her opposite sex. Eg. Men or women buy perfumes, garments etc. because of sex appeal.

6. Recreation or Pleasure

Buying motive is also affected by reaction and pleasure purpose of a person. A person buys movie ticket or goes to amusement parks for recreation and pleasure purpose.

7. Habit

Many people buy a particular product because they are habitual of it. Eg. Many people consume cigarette and liquors because of sheer habit.

8. Economy

Economy refers to savings, which affects buying motive of consumer. Eg. People purchase products from Big Bazaar and Amazon because goods are available at discounted rates and they save on shopping.

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