What are the different types of Blogs?

There are millions of blogs on the Web. But they are categorised into these types:

1. Personal Blog

By far the most popular among all types of blogs is the personal blog, after all, blogging started off as a way of giving words to your thoughts. A typical blogger may be keen on posting stories about his interests.

2. News and Views

These days, we find a number of news and television companies having professional journalists who post stories and views about the latest events. Visitors can comment their opinions as well. BBC is a popular example of the same.

3. Company Blogs

Many companies run blogs to let their customers and clients know about the new products coming up or progress being made on some project.

4. Micro Blogs

This is a new type of blog where you post very short comments that others can follow and a powerful way for professionals to keep in touch with each other. Twitter is the best example.

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