What are the different types of appeals in advertising?

Every advertisement is an appeal to target customers. The product / service is superior to competitor and customers should buy it, this clarification in an advertisement is an appeal. Advertising appeals are the persuasion that stimulates a person to buy a product/service by highlighting to an individual’s needs, interests, or wants. It is designed to create a positive image and mindset about those who use the product/service.

In other words, an advertising appeal refers to the approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or to influence their feelings towards product. It is something that moves people, speak to their wants and needs and excites their interest.

Advertisement agencies use different types of advertising appeals to influence the purchasing decisions of customers. They build advertising campaign around the appeal.

1. Emotional Appeal

Customers’ social or psychological needs for purchasing a product or service are targeted. They work quite well because theyreduce the price sensitivity and strengthen the brand equity. They even continue to work well in times of economic slowdown because of this feature. Eg. The Life Insurance. It appeals to the emotion of people which enables them to care for people around them.

2. Rational Appeal

This type of advertising focuses on the consumer’s practical, functional or utilitarian need for the product/service. It emphasizes on features, benefits, reasons for owning or using a particular product. Eg. Horlicks advertisement shows the necessity of child to consume it in order to grow tall, strong and sharp.

3. Humor Appeal

Humor appeal type helps to grab attention of audience. When consumers find something humorous, the consumers watch, laugh and, most importantly, remember the ad. Eg. Advertisement of Happy Dent, Cadbury 5 Star. etc. has used humor appeal in their ad.

4. Youth Appeal

In this appeal young celebrities are shown using products in such a way that the young customers feel that it connects to them. Eg. Garnier, Pepsi, Hero Honda etc.

5. Bandwagon Appeal

This type of advertising is meant to signify that since everybody is doing something you should be a part of the crowd as well. Eg. McDonald appeals to its customers that they have served millions and billions of customers. This encourages the customers to try out McDonald products.

6. Fear Appeal

Fear is also an important factor that can have incredible influence on individuals. The seller tries to show the negative consequences, if the customer fails to use their products. This creates fear in the mind of customers and persuades them to buy product. Fear is often used in marketing campaign of beauty and health products and also in insurance.

7. Celebrity Appeal

Popular celebrities are chosen to endorse the brand. The public get attracted to see their favourite celebrity and tend to buy the product. Eg. Lux Soap, Garnier etc.

8. Comparison Appeal

In this appeal a brand’s ability to satisfy consumers is demonstrated by comparing its features to those of competitive brands. Eg. Tide & Surf, Vim bar and Expert Bar

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