What are the types of advertising copy?

Copywriting is the single most important and critical activity for the success of the entire advertising campaign. A copywriter translates the selling points of a client’s product or services into benefits for selected consumers.

Types of advertising copy are as follows:

1. Scientific Copy

The technical specifications of a product are explained. The merits of the product are described in scientific terms. It gives conviction value to the copy. Saffola – a low cholesterol edible oil makes use of a scientific copy. Drugs and medicines also are sold through a scientific copy. The data inspire confidence both among the lay people and the professionals.

2. Descriptive Copy

In a non – technical manner, the product attributes are described. The copy uses direct active sentences. There are short and concise sentences. Such types of ads are very common. Eg: Insurance companies need to give a detailed description of schemes.

3. Narrative Copy

Here a fictional story is narrated. The benefits of the product emerge from the story. The narrative is humorous and it acts as a strong appeal. It should make an imprint on viewer’s memory.

4. Topical Copy

When the copy is integrated to a recent happening or event, it is said to be topical copy. Many such topical copies are made by Da Cunha for Amul Butter. Mostly political events, national sports, world events all get extended to the advertisement copy.

5. Prestige Copy

The product is not directly advertised. Only a distinguished and favourable atmosphere is created for the sale of the product. The copy is used to build an image. The personal power advertisement for Vimal Shirting is an example.

6. Endorsement Copy

In these copies, a product is endorsed by an opinion leader who has a large following. The choice of the opinion leader depends on the product. Mostly celebrities are chosen to promote televisions, coffee, tyres etc. The consumers’ perception is heightened by the celebrity endorsement of it.

7. Wordless Advertisement

Wordless advertising is an example of non verbal communication and are pictorially oriented. Air India perhaps has the greatest number of master pieces to its credit in this genre through its bill board projections starting from the early fifties.

8. Eye Candy

Ads carry impressive visuals with a single line of throw away copy. Visual oriented work is branded as eye candy by the Americans. In a multi – lingual and multi cultural market, visuals are well suited to convey the message. Instead of writing ‘no smoking’ it is better to have a visual that conveys the same message.

9. Interactive Ads

Interactive ads are associated with on – line internet ads. Interactive communication engages a consumer, and spends more time with it. Volkswagen Polo car is positioned as small but tough car. Its campaign featured a series of very small but tough crossword puzzles. The reader stayed with the ad till he cracked it.

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