We Are Not Afraid to Die

What made the narrator set sail from Plymouth, England in July 1976? How did he prepare for his voyage?

The narrator had dreamt of sailing in the wake of Captain James Cook, the famous explorer. 200 years earlier Captain Cook had made the round-the-world voyage. The narrator wanted to duplicate the voyage of Captain James Cook. For this purpose he had got made his boat Wavewalker. It was a 23 meter, 30 ton wooden…

Explain the title, “We are not afraid to die–if we can all be together. ” What lesson does it teach?

The title means that if they all can be together, they are never afraid to die. The narrator and his party face the worst times of their life. But they face it boldly and come out successfully. The lesson is clear: we must face the odds of life with courage and they won’t harm us.