The Portrait of a Lady

How did the sparrows mourn the death of the grandmother?

The sparrows joined the mourning along with other family members. They sat in hundreds around her dead body. They didn’t chirp. Nor did they touch the crumbs of bread thrown to them. They flew away quietly when the dead body was carried off for cremation.

How did the grandmother celebrate the home coming of his grandson?

The grandmother was really very much excited and happy when the narrator returned from abroad. She celebrated his arrival by collecting the women of the neighbourhood in the evening. She continued beating an old drum and sang for hours. She even forgot to pray.

What were the happiest moments of the day for the grandmother?

The grandmother would sit in the verandah breaking the bread into little bits for the sparrows. Hundreds of sparrows would gather around her. They would perch on her legs, shoulders and even on the head. It was the happiest half-an-hour of the day for her.