What Do You Know About Aathi?

For Sarah Joseph, the award winning short story writer and novelist in Malayalam, Aathi is a fictitious place. It is in this region that her ‘Gift in Green’ is set. To Sarah Joseph, Aathi is what Malgudi is to R.K. Narayan and what Wessex isto the English novelist, Thomas Hardy. ‘Gift in Green’ is a …

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What Is the Theme of the Story ‘A Night Never to Be Lost’?

The story ‘A Night Never to be Lost’ is centred round the deep and passionate love a young man named Noor Muhammed had for a young rustic girl who considers it her mission to sweep away the fetid garbage the callous visitors had left behind. The story thus alludes to environmental issue.

How Did the Girl Quench Noor Muhammed’s Thirst?

The girl quenched his thirst by giving him a green bamboo-mugful of water drawn from a pristine water trough she had set by letting water dip drop by drop from a green bamboo stem into the trough she had dug.

Describe the Character of Iswaran.

Iswaran was an honest and resourceful man. He was always energetic and prompt at his duties. Iswaran accompanied Mahendra everywhere without any question or complain. He could turn any deserted inhabitable place into a homely habitable place. Iswaran was a wonderful cook. Whenever Mahendra was transferred to a new place, Iswaram produced vegetables and cooked …

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Describe the Character of Sergei

Sergei was a kind and honest man. Sergei couldn’t tolerate lies and dishonesty. He thought that everyone should earn money by working hard. He was not the kind of man who took undue advantage of a person’s helplessness and exploited him. When Lushkoff came to his house to chop wood, he felt bad because Lushkoff’s …

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