“This humorous piece is an extract from a play. ” What according to you make this extract humorous?

This play presents a funny situation. Frank, a young science teacher, finds sixteen year old Taplow waiting for his master Mr. Crocker Harris. This lower fifth form student has been asked to come in to do extra work on the last day of the school. Mr. Crocker Harris is leaving the school for good the next day. Being quite busy in settling his own affairs, he has not yet arrived there. Taplow’s fears of adverse remarks about his results make us smile.

The interaction between Mr. Frank and Taplow is quite amusing. The young science teacher encourages Taplow’s comment on Crocker Harris. The manner in which Taplow imitates his master’s voice, manner of speaking and diction are quite amusing. The sudden arrival of Millie Crocker Harris in the midst of an imitation of a joke surprise Frank and makes Taplow nervous. Their reactions are quite amusing. Taplow’s unwillingness to leave the place and his fear of consequences in case his master returns before his arrival seems quite genuine but funny. He feels relieved only when Millie offers to take the blame. All these actions seems exaggerated and funny.

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