There has been heavy rain in your city/town. You went to school, but found that it was closed because of the rain. Describe the sights and sounds near the school and narrate how you finally reached home and spent the rest of the day.

Do you all remember the nursery rhyme “Rain Rain go away, come again another day, little Johny wants to play”?Just think of these lines. We all become ‘Johny’ when it rains cats and dogs.

Last Monday the whole of Delhi was fast asleep. At around 11:30 p.m. it started raining slowly but we didn’t bother and went to sleep. But it kept raining heavily the whole night. Again, it slowed down at around 6:00 a.m. in the morning which was under control. My mom woke me up to go to school because it rained, a little, stopping for few minutes.

My school was within walking distance of my house. I could smell the wet sand and sweet dew on the grass. When I was on the street, two more classmates living in my neighbourhood also joined me. We went hurriedly to school because school was going to begin within ten minutes. As we reached school, our peon and gatekeeper informed us that the school had been closed due to heavy rains.

The three of us were so excited and we started shouting in happiness “Hurrah! It’s a holiday, today is a rainy day’. Again it started raining heavily. We all started walking very slowly intentionally because we wanted to enjoy the rain and we all loved getting wet in the rain. Even though we had our umbrellas, we didn’t open them; instead, we kept them in our bags. We started running, shouting and playing on the road.

The road was empty and very few vehicles passed by with a big splash of muddy water. We somehow saved ourselves from muddy water each time. We stood under one tree for some time to see the scenic beauty and became a part of that scene. As we stood there, it started thundering heavily with lighting passing through the clouds. We all became scared and held each other’s hands tightly. We were really getting anxious and wondered what would happen if a tree fell. We were praying to God to stop the rain so that we could reach home safely because our parents were going to shout at us if they saw us fully drenched in rain.

On the opposite side of the road, we saw a small puddle of water. All the poor children were rowing their paper boats and dancing in happiness. We enjoyed seeing them and this scene relaxed us for a while. We could hear birds chirping on the tree and frogs croaking behind the bushes. All of a sudden one of us realized and suggested that we use our umbrellas and move home. What were we waiting for? Oh, how wonderful was the rain!

As I reached home, my mother came running and she helped me in changing my drenched clothes. She gave me a towel and wiped my head. By that time, I started sneezing. I cooked up a story covering my mistake of enjoying the rain. My mom immediately made ginger tea for me, which comforted me a lot.

Later on, for snacks, my father ordered pakoras with tea. Even my father took an off from work. We all sat together, played carrom and antakshri and in the evening we all enjoyed watching Phillauri on YouTube.

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