The story is called ‘The Adventure’. Compare it with the adventure described in ‘We’re Not Afraid to Die….’

The story is called, The Adventure: Gangadhar Pant is hit by a truck so, he remains unconscious for two days. He has vision which he remembers after regaining consciousness. He goes to Forbes building to enquire about his son. He goes to the Town Hall Library. He reads history books and comes to know about the Battle of Panipat. He goes to the guest house and hires a room. After having a frugal meal, he strolls towards Azad Maidan. When he tries to force himself into the President’s chair, he is bodily thrown out of the Azad Maidan. He becomes unconscious. He regains consciousness after two days. Similarly in ‘We’re Not Afraid To Die….. If We Can All Be Together.’ The author and his family face strong gales. Disaster comes to them one after the other. They struggle with disasters. They fear that they will sink. Their struggle for survival continues. A torrent of sea water breaks over the ship. The children are not afraid of dying if they could all die together. At last, they find the island, Ile Amsterdam. All is well in the end. Hence, both the stories are adventurous.

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