The sensitive behaviour of hill folk who live a different kind lifestyle than people who live in urban areas.

The life of the people on the hills is in many ways different from those who live in urban areas. The life is very hard on the hills. On the high hills, there is not much vegetation as is the case of Hor and Darchen. The main occupation of the people on the hills is tending their flocks. The sheep and goats supply their demands for cloth and food. The life on the hills is comparatively lonely. It will, however, be wrong to suggest that these people are more miserable, or sorrowful. It is human nature to adopt itself according to the circumstances. These people seem to be happy even in their hard life. They are very sensitive people and are always willing to help others. Thus, the poor Lhamo gave the author a long-sleeved sheepskin coat when she found that he did not have enough warm clothing for the cold at the high mountains.

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