The school system often curbs individual talents. Discuss.

It is true that school system often curbs individual talents. In school there are many students belonging to different socio-economic status. They have individual differences. One student may be genius in arts while other may be in Maths and still another student can prove his talent in sports. Education is meant to bring out the best from within. The school is an ideal place where the inherent qualities of a person are brought out. But if the school is serious to interfere with a child’s education, then it is not a good thing. It stifles the creativity of the person. The school should act like a facilitator. It should not turn out to be a barrier. It should encourage a person to attain the goal set by him. It is not expected to discourage a person from being inquisitive and creative like Einstein. The school must be a place of pleasure, not that of pain.

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