The poet says, ‘And yet, for these Children, these windows, not this map, their world.’ Which world do these children belong to? Which world is inaccessible to them?

There is a map on the wall. There are pictures, which show beautiful hills and valleys. But the world of the poor school children is not shown in the map. These children belong to the world which is not sunny. It is darkened with the fog of poverty and pain, from their slum, only the dull and dreary sky can be seen. The beautiful world outside is inaccessible to them.


The stinking, dingy slums is the world that belongs to these poverty stricken, miserable, under-fed children. The narrow lanes and dark, cramped holes, which provide nothing except hopelessness are also a part of their world. To the slum children, the world of the rich is inaccessible. Such a world is full of luxury, comfort and joy, which is beyond their reach.


Unfortunately, the children of the slum belong to a gloomy world where the dense black fog darkens everything, even their future. The narrow, dirty lanes are a symbol of their poor and miserable life. The world, which belongs to the sophisticated, where everything is sunny and beautiful, the world with clean rivers, mountains, valleys are easily visible, is the world inaccessible to the slum children.

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