The peddler declined the invitation of the ironmaster but accepted the one from Edla. Why?

The ironmaster, mistaking the peddler as an old acquaintance, invites him to his house for the Christmas celebration. He seems to be a sympathetic person in the beginning, trying to persuade the peddler as much as possible. However, the peddler refuses to accept the invitation because he was afraid to go to the manor house as he had stolen money from the crofter. Although the ironmaster leaves, he allows his daughter, Edla to bring the peddler home. Edla seems more persuasive than her father, being firm yet polite in her approach. She comes with a fur coat for the peddler and assures him that he is free to leave whenever he desires after the Christmas celebration is over. Edla is not conventionally beautiful. But she, with her polite confidence, friendly and compassionate attitude is able to win the peddler’s trust and persuade him to accompany her to her house for the Christmas celebration.

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