The credit of Bholi’s transformation to Sulekha goes to her teacher. Elaborate with reference to the text.

Bholi, a girl with average looks and pock marks declared a simpleton and considered a dumb cow. She went to school in compelled circumstances which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her. Her teacher paved the way to her self-confidence. The education she got in the school gave her the course to have her own thought, her own voice and a new perception to a situation.

Though she agreed to marry to a mature man for the sake of her father’s pride yet when Bishambhar demanded dowry and started humiliating her father she put her foot down and refused to marry such a vile and greedy fellow. She stood for herself against the patriarchal system and dogmas of the society and fought for her dignity and pride.

Her name was Sulekha which means to write something very neatly. In the end, she wrote the chapter of her life that sets an example for many girls of the coming generations to follow with pride and dignity. She justifies her name Sulekha by becoming an educated, enabled and a strong woman.

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