“The best way of getting known to a place is to visit it.” Which place does Masti Venkatesha Iyengar refer to? What do you learn about it?

The author refers to Hosahalli, the village of Rangappa and the narrator. Hosahalli is a nondescriptive village in Mysore State. There is no mention of the village in any geographical book. Nobody in the outside world probably knows that such a place exists. Even the car drivers knew nothing about it. However, the writer gives a detailed description of the village. He mentions some of its specialities. There are some mango trees in the village. If you happen to taste a raw mango from one of them, you will come to know the extreme potency of sourness. Once the writer took one such fruit home and a chutney was made out of it. All of them ate it. They suffered from severe cough and had to get cough medicine from the doctor. Then, there is a creeper growing in the water of the village pond. Its flowers are very beautiful to look at. If you get two leaves from the creeper while bathing in the pond, you will not need your afternoon meal.

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