The accounts of exotic places in legends and books and reality.

The accounts of exotic place in legends and books and the reality are often very different. It is so for more than one reason. First, we differ in our sensibilities. In other words, everyone does not have the same capacity for intellectual and aesthetic discrimination. As a result of this, a scene of Manasarovar may create different responses in different minds. For the devout Hindus and Buddhists, the beauty of the place is beyond description. The second point is equally important. When a writer writes about a place, he tries to paint a word picture. The pictures are always more interesting than the reality. Most of the people who have visited America are, no doubt, impressed by it. However, they are often found saying that they did not see as wonderful a country as the stories had described to them. Legends always exaggerate. Very often they add magical quality to a place of religious importance. Naturally, these things are far from reality. So, the accounts of exotic places in legends and books are not the same as reality.

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