What are the advantages and disadvantages of telephone communication?

Telephone is a device that transmits speech at a distance through the medium of electro-magnetic waves. The first telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Today‘s telephone is a very sophisticated instrument with different applications and services.

Advantages of Telephone Communication

  1. It saves time.
  2. We can communicate without leaving our seat.
  3. It provides immediate feedback.
  4. Itprovidesimmediateprooftothecallerthathismessage has been received.
  5. It provides a large range of services to its subscribers – such as STD and ISD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling and International Subscriber Dialing respectively); call-waiting and call-forwarding, morning alarm etc.

Disadvantages of Telephone Communication

  1. It may not always save time, e.g. When there are wrong numbers or mechanical disturbances.
  2. It does not have legal validity – a telephonic talk cannot be used as legal proof.
  3. Facial expressions and gestures cannot be communicated over the telephone.
  4. A telephone call can be made at a wrong or inconvenient time for the receiver.

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