What are the techniques of Visualisation in advertising?

The term “visualization” refers to imagination of something for creation of an idea. Creative team which includes writers, artists and production personnel do visualize in creating an advertisement. Creative team do visualize in suggesting the composition or the situation that dramatizes the theme of the advertisement.

In other words, visualization is a creative imagination of idea, which is converted into an effective advertising message. It is an ability to imagine in mind about how the ad will look like when it is completed.

Techniques of visualization are:

1. Association

The visualizer can visualize making association of two different ideas in creating an advertisement that can draw attention of the prospects. Eg. We see in the ad of ‘Thumps Up’ where stunts are performed to get the bottle of Thumps Up. Here stunts and consuming Thumps up, these two unrelated ideas are associated to attract youngsters to consume Thumps up.

2. Observation

In this technique of visualization, the visualizer may observe the behaviour of consumers in the market and accordingly they can create an advertisement. Eg. India customers are price sensitive, by observing this, many discounts offering ads we come across, which are made to attract Indian customers.

3. Analysis of Other Ads

The visualizer can observe other advertisement shown or displayed. From there visualizer can get an idea for advertisement.

4. Meditation

The visualizer can do meditation and focus entire attention on advertisement. This deep concentration can enable him to visualize for creative advertisement.

5. Discussion

The visualizer can discuss with expert or his group about creative idea in his mind. This discussion can enable to visualizer creative advertisement.

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