Summary of Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T S Eliot

Macavity is a mystery cat. He is the master criminal. He can defy and break any law. Even the police force and Flying Squad of England have failed to arrest him. He gives a slip to them. When the police reach the scene of the crime, it is too late. The criminal by that time is gone.

Macavity is matchless in his field. He can do any impossible task. He can disappear. He can break Newton’s law of gravity and float in the air without support. Even the fakir and the magician are surprised to see his feats. He will outwit you. You may look for him in the basement and in the air, you will have no access to him.

Macavity is a tall and thin cat. His eyes are sunken, and his head is lined. His head is round like a dome. His coat is soiled and his hair is in disorder. He moves like a snake. When you think he is sleeping, he is, in fact, wide awake.

Macavity is a devil in a cat’s shape. He is morally corrupt. You can meet him in a lane and in open grounds. But you will not find him where the crime has been committed.

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