State any four characteristics of good brand name.

Characteristics of a good brand name:

(i) The brand name should be short, easy to pronounce, spell, recognise and remember e.g., Ponds, VIP, Rin, Vim, etc.

(ii) A brand should suggest the product’s benefits and qualities. It should be appropriate to the product’s function. e.g., Rasika, Genteel, Promise, My Fair Lady and Boost.

(iii) A brand name should be distinctive e.g., Liril, Sprit, Safari, Zodiac.

(iv) The brand name should be adaptable to packing or labelling requirements, to different advertising media and to different languages.

(v) The brand name should be sufficiently versatile to accommodate new products, which are added to the product line, e.g., Maggie, Colgate.

(vi) It should be capable of being registered and protected legally.

(vii) Chosen name should have staying power i.e., it should not get out of date.

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