State any five semantic barriers to communication in an organisation.

Five semantic barriers to communication in an organisation are:

1. Badly expressed message in which the intended meaning may not be conveyed on account of inadequate vocabulary, usage of wrong words, omission of needed words, etc.

2. Symbols with different meanings where a word may have several meanings and receiver has to perceive one such meaning for the word used by communicator.

3. Faulty translations where the communication drafted in one language is not properly translated in a language understandable by the workers.

4. Unclarified assumptions where communication may have certain assumptions which are subject to different interpretations.

5. Technical jargons where the specialists use them to explain something to persons who are not specialists in the concerned field, as a result of which, it is not understood clearly by the receiver.

6. Body language and gesture decoding becomes a barrier when there is no match between what is said and what is expressed in body movements. (Any

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