What are the stages of layout in advertising?

The stages of layout are:

1. Thumbnail Sketches

They are miniature sketches that are used by the art directors to convey the basic layout style and treatment without spelling out small details.

2. Rough Layout

Rough layouts or visuals, are prepared for almost all advertisements. They are the same size as the finished advertisements except for outdoor posters.

3. Finished Layouts

The next stage is the preparation of the finished layout, which is worked more carefully than the rough layout. They suggest in considerable detail the style of the illustration and headlines and therefore serve as a guide to artist and typographer.

4. Comprehensive Layouts

A comprehensive layout is prepared for a client when they are unable to judge the effect of the finished advertisements by looking at the finished layout. These layouts come very close to resembling the finished advertisements.

5. Working Layouts

Working layouts are not really layouts, but rather a sort of “blueprint” for production, indicating the exact position of the various elements and appropriate instructions for the typographer and engraver. They are also known as “mechanicals”.

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