What are the sources of collecting occupational information?

Collection of occupational information deals with the types of information and the sources from which information may be obtained. The needs and backgrounds of students will determine the type and amount of information collected. It should normally cover all those occupations, which the students of a college or university have been entering in previous years and are likely to enter in future. It should also cover information about the new openings, which are rapidly coming up.

Collection of information should be a continuous process. The requirement changes, the information changes, the context may alter or the individual query may be different in its composition. The continuous flow of information will help review and revise the information and make it up to -date. The old information should be weeded out.

It is a difficult task to collect information regarding various occupations. Help of various sources is sought to collect such information. In India, there are some main sources from which information.s about different occupations can be collected.

These sources are as follows:

1. Career Guides

Such types of books contain details of various occupations. These booklets are of 8 to 10 pages. In these books, occupations are familiarized by using direct and simple language.

2. Occupational Field Reviews

In such types of literature, description of a single occupation and occupations related to that is given.

3. National Classification of Occupations

In this classification, all the occupations have been divided into 9 categories and these 9 categories are further divided into 55 parts. Further these 55 parts are divided into 300 subparts.

4. Handbook on Training Facilities

Such types of books are published at the state level. In these books a description of all the facilities for some training is given. These books contain the description of only those facilities, which are available in that state.

5. Vocational Guidance Bureau

In inida ‘Vocational guidance bureau’ are quite popular and proved very useful. They have also brought out many publications. In these books, mostly occupation related opportunities, facilities and educational facilities for an occupation given.

6. Defense Ministry Publications

Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, has also published books regarding its all the three wings. These books contain information about various occupations relating to three wings of Indian army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

7. Employment Exchanges

Each district headquarter has district employment exchange. Various vocational information can be sought. A person has to get his name registered in the office of employment exchange.

8. Private Agencies

Private agencies are also a source of occupational information from where the school and the pupil can collect information regarding various occupations.

9. Visits to Places of Industrial Importance

The effective source of occupational information is the visit to the places of industrial importance. By visiting such places the pupils can get the knowledge regarding various aspects of that industries.

10. Film and Film Strips

Film and filmstrips can play a great role in disseminating the occupational information from that source; much detailed information can be sought regarding any occupation.

11. Publications and Advertisements

Information regarding various occupations can be sought from various publications such as magazines, journals, newspaper, especially Employment News etc. Also advertisements play a vital role in it.

12. Work Experience

Through work experience too, the information regarding various occupations can be acquired. The pupils should be allowed to work in the fields of their choice. While working the pupils gather a lot of information about that occupation.

13. Y.M.C.A. Calcutta

This organization has published a series entitled ‘Vocational Guidance series’. This series includes information about various occupations. Some books of the series are

  • Careers for Accountancy.
  • iCareers for Women.
  • Careers for Science.
  • Careers for Medicine.

14. Rotary Club, Mumbai

Rotary Club, Mumbai has also published career pamphlets. But these pamphlets are not in detail and restricted to Mumbai only.

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