Sophie was a dreamer. The lesson ‘Going Places’ reminds us that mere dreams will not help us to accomplish anything. What qualities do you think, would help Sophie to realize her dreams?

Sophie needs to be practical and should be aware of the realities of life. She should be simple and down to earth and should know her limitations. She must keep in mind that she belongs to a lower middle class family. She should be sincere, determined, and should possess a strong will to achieve her dreams. She needs to work hard to make her dreams and fantasies come true. Sophie had brother like Geoff, friend like Jansie who ever warned her against fantasizing. Sophie must have listened to the words of her family members who were worried and always advised her to be serious and realistic, Sophie must have realised that it is good to dream but to realize them, diligence, patience and perseverance and sincerity are must.

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