Sophie lives in a world full of dreams, which she does not know she cannot realise. Comment.

Sophie is a girl still in her adolescense. She comes from a lower middle class family, but is full of dreams. She is an escapist, who is not satisfied with the reality of her life. Sophie is not ready to accept what life has to offer her. This is why she fantasises of a different life, which would be more exciting. Her best friend Jansie believes that Sophie and she are ear-marked for biscuit factory. However, Sophie dreams of becoming a fashion designer or opening a boutique even though it may not be achievable because of her financial constraints. Sophie’s hero-worship for Danny Casey causes her to make up stories and lie to her loved ones. There is no limit of her imaginations. She fantasises about her dream date with Danny even though she has never once met him in person. She eagerly waits for Danny to come and meet her by the canal, but for apparent reasons, he does not. It is she who gets disappointed in the end. Therefore, this proves that Sophie lives in a world full of dreams which she does not know she cannot realise.

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