Sometimes deception is a way of life. Explain this statement by citing facts from the lesson ‘The Thief Story.’

For some people, deception is a way to lead life easily, i.e., by changing the name, by making excuses, by making new ways of making money etc. Anil was the most trusting person Hari Singh had ever met. But he took undue advantage of his trust. He was a thief and couldn’t be expected to be honest with Anil. He came to Anil with a false identity. Anil had blind faith in human nature. He employed him just out of sympathy and compassion for him. He trusted him and ignored his misdeed. He handed over all the financial transactions without any verification. In a way, he gave him a chance to improve. Hari stole money and then came back with a change of mind. Anil knew even that fact also but said nothing. It made Hari Singh decide to leave the style of deception as a way of life. Living a simple and straight life over-powered Hari’s deceptive life. Finally, he opted for a simple life by educating himself and becoming a clever, big and respectable man in future. It was a very good decision for Hari Singh.

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