Socialization – Role of Parents, Family, State

Socialization of a person does not take place suddenly rather it is a continuous process in which a person learns how to live in a particular society. Kimble Young’s foreword on this topic is notable, in relation to socialization, he said, “Socialization means that a person learns the traditions, customs, rules and other features of culture. He makes himself aware of his life values and objectives with the neighbourhood class and community”. Next, we will try to know which factors contribute in socialization of a person.

1. Role of Parents

To what extent socialization of a child will take place depends largely on the role of the parents. The mother is the first teacher of socialization of the child. The mother is the first to inform the child about the social ideals and beliefs and instruct him/her to imbibe them. Father ensures that he follows those instructions sincerely. Therefore, parents have a very important role in socialization, Sanskrit literature keeping this in mind says that parents who do not teach their children social ideals, values, responsibilities and duties, they are same as the enemy of the child. Parents who have discharged these responsibilities properly have a very high place in Indian culture and tradition.

2. Role of Family

The family is the place where the child first learns the lesson of socialization; this is the place where he learns to live with love, saying that the family is the first school for the development of social qualities in child will not be an exaggeration. While interacting with family members he indirectly imbibe many social qualities in his behaviour. While living in the family he become aware of social qualities, values and ideals and he also assimilates these ideals and values. This factor will be discussed in detail in next section.

2. Role of State

State also has a very important place in the process of socialization of the child because it is the institution that expects transfer of its culture in the child. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that society sets high ideals and values for future generations as an example, only then future generations will be motivated to follow those ideals

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