What is the significance of marketing research in rural marketing?

Marketing research is a tool which connects the producers and consumers with each other. Producers are interested in production of variety of commodities and to introduce in the market. But the taste and preferences of consumer is a need for selling the product. Hence marketing research gives an idea about the preferences of consumers and scope of expansion of market. Accordingly the producer can change his production pattern and marketing strategy. Exploring new markets is one of the important strategies of marketing. Rural marketing has a lot of scope for expansion. Even though rural community is undergoing various modifications still it has certain special features unlike urban markets. Thus the marketing research in rural markets is a necessary act.

Indian rural community consists of consumers with different classes. It includes rich and small farmers, agriculture labourers, small and medium business men. Generally the marketing strategy of a company targets urban consumers. In this situation rural consumers are deprived of information about various products. Now-a-days the rural economy is growing with stability of income. Hence the marketing research should focus on rural markets independently.

Marketing research in rural areas provides information about the practical difficulties while implementing the innovative practices of a company such as introduction of new product, new uses of existing products, new resources, new markets etc. This information minimizes the risk of implementing innovative projects and avoids market failures.

Now-a-days in rural areas also the consumers are literates. As the literacy rates improved, the rural consumer awareness about the products also increased. Then it is also necessary to provided proper information to the consumers. On the other hand the information collected through various surveys, questioners of research also provides proper information to the producer or manager.

Marketing research in rural areas can identify needs and requirements of rural consumers. As we know rural markets are characterized with differences like income levels, locations, languages, living habits etc., the marketing research can notice the demands of various sections and accordingly the marketing strategy could be implemented.

The impact of globalization on rural economy cannot be denied. Due to Agreement on Agriculture (AOA) the agriculture sector has entered into international market. These conditions necessitate more accuracy in marketing research to take advantage of international markets.

Rural market is a place where the commodities sold and purchased. The agricultural products are produced and sold in rural markets. The marketing research plays a crucial role by providing information about demand and supply of the commodities, impact of price, need and changes in preferences of consumers to the agriculture sector.

The marketing research conducted by the government departments regarding various crops, cropping pattern, demand and supply of various products, prices of agricultural commodities etc., is significant for the farmers. They have been also given the information about improved techniques of agriculture such as new variety of seeds, sowing, harvesting, pesticides, fertilizers etc., through marketing research.

Marketing research also provides solutions to various problems of rural marketing. Small and cottage industries in rural areas need the important information about the size of production unit, location of unit, availability of inputs, awareness of market and price determination. The information given through the marketing research could be used in decision making so that these industries can be benefited.

Consumer behavior is an important concept of marketing. It is a known fact that two individuals with same income need not to spend in the same proportion. Hence the expenditure tendency of a consumer depends not only on income but also on the psychology of consumer. Marketing research focused on consumer behavior could provide useful and necessary information to the producer.

Marketing research should also take place to understand female consumers in rural areas. Female consumers dominate the markets of food items, grocery and house related products. Hence the information about this section of consumers is very useful and also necessary for the marketing manager.

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