Write a short note on Savarkar Brothers?

Savarkar Brothers were the real spirit and inspiration behind the revolutionaries and their activities against the intolerable foreign rule of Britishers in India. They were responsible to spread the revolutionary and secret societies in different parts of Maharashtra in the early twentieth century. Among such secret societies Mitramela was one of the prominent societies and there were many leaders who were their members as Shyamji Krishna Varma, Ganesh and Vinayak Sarvarkars. The Savarkars were also members of the movement which was started by a Sanyasi, Agamya Guru Parmahansa. Ganesh Savarkar founded a society which popularly came to be known as Abhinav Bharat society, later his younger brother, Vinayak Savarkar also joined the same. Ganesh and Vinayak Savarkars organised Shivaji and Ganpati Festivals and imparted physical training to young people in Nasik and surrounding areas in order to bring to an end to the British rule in India.

Although, Vinayak Sarvarkar left for London in 1906, the organisation, Abhinav Bharat society flourished in India and undertook several revolutionary activities through out Maharashtra and other parts of the country. It is said that each college and higher educational institution had either several secret societies or a branch of Abhinav Bharat society in Mumbai, Pune and neighbouring areas, which started revolutionary activities and propaganda in their towns and cities against the British in order to expel them from India.

In 1907 the revolutionary movements reached to its height in Maharashtra. As the result of it, Anant Laxman Kanhere killed Mr. A. M. T. Jackson, District Magistrate in theatre of Nasik. The British Government arrested Anant Laxman Kanhere, Karve and Deshpande for the same crime. They were hanged to death after a cursory trial. In addition to this, the British arrested Vinayak Damodar Savarkar for various charges and sent him to India to stand the trial in the said Nasik conspiracy case. In the same journey, Savarkar had tried to escape from the hands of the British police at the Marseilles- Island of France, but it was failed. He was arrested was sentenced to transportation for life after a cursory prosecution in India. Savarkar was sent to Port Blair, Andamans, where he was to suffer a brulal and cruel torture till 1924. After his release in the year 1924 from the prison, Savarkar became president of Hindu Mahasabha and championed the cause of Hindus. This noble son of India died in the year 1966 in independent India.

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