Short Note on POSDCORB

According to Luther Gullick the scope of public administration is narrow or limited. It is also regarded as POSDCORB view. It insists that the Public Administration is concerned only with those aspects of administration which are related with the executive branch and its seven types of administrative functions. It does not show the substance of administration. It is a technique oriented perspective, not a subject oriented

These seven types of functions which shows the scope of Public Administration are as follows:

“P” stands for Planning

Planning is the first step of Public Administration. i.e. working out the broad outline of the things that need to be done.

“O” stands for organization

It means establishment of the formal structure of authority through which the work is sub-divided, arranged and co-ordinated for the defined objective.

“S” stands for staffing

It means the recruitment and training of the staff and maintenance of favourable conditions of work for the staff.

“D” stands for Directing

It means the continuous task of making decisions and embodying them in specific and general orders and instructions, and thus guiding the enterprise.

“Co” stands for Co-ordination

It means inter-relating the various parts of organization such as branches, divisions, sections of the work and elimination of overlapping.

“R” stands for Reporting

It means informing the authority to whom the executive is responsible as to what is going on.

“B” stands for Budgeting

It means accounting, fiscal planning and control.

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